For all those times you’re walking down the street, trying to have a great time, and you get stopped by a “homeless” person. So you take a moment, and decide, “Hey, I’ll help this guy out, who’s obviously in need”. Then you start noticing it. The tattered Vans, the skinny jeans, the ironic t-shirt, the $100 messenger bag, the trim beard that’s crafted to look dirty, the bed head, the $200 plastic watch. And he isn’t asking you for money, he’s handing you a flyer for his band. Or a cause you’ve never heard of. So put your money down before you embarrass yourself. And take a look at this handy blog that will help you decide if the person on the street is HOMELESS OR HIPSTER. (Hint: they’re all hipster on this site, cause I’m not about to exploit the homeless).


Post Street and Polk Street SF

Are those high heels? How is she not homeless? Cause she’s sleeping on her own purse. Thanks RB!

5th and Red River: Austin, TX

-SXSW on a Saturday
-Khaki shorts
-Asked to use my cell phone to call a buddy (got a call later, guy disappeared…)

Verdict: not homeless, but not a hipster either. Just drunk…

Berkeley, California




-Chillin at Peets Coffee

-Jesus Groomed

-Playin a Sony PSP?

Verdict: Unpossible to determine.

Overheard in NYC

Drunk man: I’m sitting between a homeless man and a hipster!

Supposed homeless man: I’m the hipster, right?

–L Train

Overheard by: Raine, Michelle, Pamela, Carrie, Lauren @ OverHeardinNewYork

Borough Hall (Brooklyn Heights)


-New Era fitted cap

-V neck T

-Scary homeless dude look of terror

Verdict: Hipster.

Allston and Shattuck (Downtown Berkeley)

-Knit wool cap


-Bike messenger bag 

-Water bottle

-Sitting on the street listening to shitty two-man band playing with random instruments. 

Verdict: Hipster.

Guerrero and 16th (Mission District, San Francisco)


-Skinny jeans
-Skinny long sleeve white T
-Shaved head
-Leather wrist strap
-Drunk/Tired sleeping at 2 AM in the Mission

Verdict: Hipster.